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My journey in this business of buying and selling pre-owned petroleum tank trucks began in 1965.  Back then, while working with a petroleum distributor, I became aware of the industry demand for used tank trucks and transport trailers in good working condition.  I also discovered that locating this type of equipment in good condition was a rare find.

After several years of buying, repairing, and reselling trucks and tankers, I was fortunate to gain the friendship Ray Jones, owner of Post Trailer Repairs in Knoxville, TN. He had extensive experience in petroleum transport equipment repair.  Combining Ray’s expertise with my vision of meeting this industry demand, we began working  with the idea of reconditioning tanks and pumping equipment and then mounting them on newer chassis. This resulted in a retrofitted tank truck in near-new condition which is then able to be offered for sale at a fraction of the price of a new, comparably equipped, tank truck.

Ray and I eventually merged our business operations and activated Post Leasing and Sales Corporation, which dates back to 1960, as the dealership for sales and leasing of our petroleum transporting equipment.  We maintain an adequate inventory of unmounted tanks and have the availability of compatible chassis to assemble a petroleum truck to meet our customer’s specific need.

We take pride in our view of each customer as our most valuable customer.  We will answer your phone call and respond to you promptly.  We will work with you to equip you with the best possible purchase to meet your specific need at a fraction of the price new.

After over 50 years of growth, my son, Steve, operates the business on a daily basis.  Our friendly and competent staff – Jimmy in sales & Sarah and Larry in administration – will work hard to assure your satisfaction and confidence in making Post Leasing and Sales your petroleum dealer of choice.


Patrick Fultz
Post Leasing and Sales, Inc.

Pat Fultz


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